Stream Insights | 25 February 2016 14:51 CET

Niyola Saves a Dying Soul…claims to be bugged

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Most celebrities practically live on social media, everything about their live is being displayed on social media

They give endless update about their day to day activities and latest acquisition to fans, which sometimes ends up in criticism from fans.

E.M.E princess, Niyola has spoken out, as she claims that she is being bugged and questioned by fans for posting things about her life on social network.

According to her, the reason is simply to motivate those around her, comfort and give strength to others who need it.

“people bug and ask why I write or post the things I do, There is too much chaos in the world, everyone has a role and we need to understand that. We all are given what we have not for our-self but for service. I wear everyday look but I could wield this power and save a dying soul if I just inspire someone. By giving others strength, I also find strength.” She wrote.

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