Celebrity | 6 February 2016 10:26 CET

I Never Came into Acting to Make Money…Oga Bello

With the recent discovery of young talents in the Nigerian movie industry, they tend to have been getting more roles and good take home package than the veterans who set the pace some years back with some not having regards for them.

Veteran Nollywood actor, Adebayo Salami better known as Oga Bello, recently disclosed since taking acting as a career he has never had the mindset that it is all about money but character delivery.

“To start with, I did not go into the show business with the aim of making money. So, I have never expected any form of payment. The first payment I got as an actor shocked and left me speechless,” he told Vanguard.

He added that during his early time in the industry, entertainers were being treated as beggars, drop-outs and never-do-well in the society.

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