Fashion | 9 December 2015 06:24 CET

I Can't Do Without Waist Trainers- Amanda Ebeye Reveals (Photo)

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

These days it has become a fashion norm for most of our female celebrities to always step out wearing what is generally known as 'body magic'.

These materials termed 'body magic' fall under the category of Waist trainer, waist clinchers, butts push-up, padded bras, and lots more.

While some make it their best kept fashion secret, the likes of Amanda Ebiye doesn't seem to care.

The Nollywood starlet showed off her sexy flat tummy, a feature she claimed to have achieved by constantly wearing a waist trainer.

The Clinic Matters Star posted the picture on her Instagram page telling her fans of how she wears the body magic every day that she can presently not do without a waist clincher.

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