Nollywood Diaspora | 27 November 2015 07:58 CET

How People Criticize Men of God Made Me Strong…Maheeda

Controversial Nigerian singer, Maheeda, is one person that seems not be controlled by any rules as she is always set to do things that makes her happy and not to please others irrespective of their opinion.

The singer recently disclosed that she reads lots of comments about her personality but she does not allow those comments control her person.

She stated that she is a good listener who knows how to watch a select what she wants while she discard the ones that will not add any value to her life.

According to her, “I care about what they say about me, but I don't let it control how I live my life. You need to know how to listen, watch and select what is good for your health or life in general knowing that people must talk or criticize you no matter who you are. Seeing how they criticize men of God made me stronger.”

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