Fashion | 21 November 2015 11:03 CET

I Don’t Buy My Cloths in Nigeria…Bimbo Akintola

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola, is one of the big screen darlings that has been able to remain relevant in the industry despite the arrays of young talents making waves in the industry.

Trailed with various controversies, the actress believes that as celebs, they deserve some privacy which is what they have not been able to get because they are being monitored everywhere they go.

Not wanting to pry into other people's affair, the actress recently disclosed that she does not like going to the market to buy things because people harass her and rush to her to beg for money.

In her words with Newswatch magazine, “I don't go the market, I love going to the market, but I can't do that anymore because you are harassed and everybody expects you to give them money and they rush you. I don't go to the market anymore; I have people that go to the market for me.”

She also noted that she does not buy her cloths in Nigeria and when she decided to get them around, she goes to specific outlets to get them.

“I buy my wears when I travel out of the country or I go to some specific boutiques, I don't go to the market,” she said.

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