Nollywood Exclusive | 29 September 2015 22:46 CET

Exclusive: I Never Closed Down My Shop and It Shall not Be Well With My Enemies…Lizzy Anjorin

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin, is seriously not happy with the way people try to mess around her life especially peddling of false rumours about things which are not true about her.

Some few days back, the actress was alleged(Not NFC)to have gone bankrupt and had to close down her shop which is located at Ogba, to enable her concentrate on her acting to raise more money.

She was even said to own a paraga (alcohol) joint which she also manages but is also been closed down according to the alleged report.

When sorts her opinion on the allegations, the actress was surprised that people could go that far just to tarnish her image by even describing her shop as a paraga joint. Not cool with the situation, she also threatened to take legal action against the people that reported the alleged story about her.

The actress stated that with the level she has groomed herself to, she can never go broke, while tongue lashing those that don't wish her well.

“What do you want me to say? I'm a woman not just woman I work hard, I can never ever go broke Insha Allah. It shall be well with people that wish me well and it shall never be well with people that wish me bad. God will never bless them for wishing me bad and they will never be congratulated in their entire life. Their grace shall turn to disgrace, their blessing shall turn to bad luck, their joy will turn to everlasting sorrow, both the singles and married ones among the people writing bad about me shall bury all their kids with their bare hands Insha allah amen. Thanks. I forgot to tell you this; legal action will be taken against them as soon as possible for him calling my multi-million naira clothing shop a paraga joint?,” she told

It was also learnt that the actress, recently shot a movie with her crew who stormed the location with about 15 cars and she went as far as giving out cash of about N100,000 to some street guys who came around hailing her work.

It was further gathered that aside the shop she owns at Ogba, the actress also has another shop at Lekki, where she sells high quality materials and jeweleries.

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