Nollywood Exclusive | 6 August 2008 15:12 CET

“Crazy Like a Fox” to Premiere at 12th Annual American Black Film Festival in Los Angeles

By Trambon

Angel “Lola Luv” Fershgenet Makes Film Debut in Director Tony Abulu's New Erotic Thriller.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 6, 2008 — Black Ivory Communications will celebrate the West Coast premiere of director Tony Abulu's latest film “Crazy Like a Fox” at the 12th Annual American Black Film Festival (ABFF) in Los Angeles. The film will screen at Mann Beverly Center 13 Cinemas on Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 4:41 p.m. The erotic thriller marks the feature film debut for Ethiopian-born actress Angel “Lola Luv” Fershgenet, a renowned American video model who has starred in numerous chart-toping hip hop and R&B videos and has graced the covers of the hottest urban magazines. The film also stars Nigerian actor Karibi Fubara, Jamaican beauty Keturah Hamilton, David Tawil, Ebbe Bassey, and a range of Broadway actors.

Crazy Like a Fox Movie Poster
“So seductive…so sexy…so dangerous,” teases the trailer for the film. “Crazy Like a Fox” is a romantic thriller set in modern-day New York City. Fershgenet stars as Angelique Dubois, a stunning, young former model from Paris whose marriage to a middle-aged Harlem-based psychiatrist (David Tawil) turns into a web of deceit when she becomes entangled with their young and dashing African chauffer, Michael Bako (Karibi Fubara). Passions ignite and emotions flare, resulting in a brutal murder in this classic, suspense-packed thriller.

Written, produced and directed by Tony Abulu, “Crazy Like a Fox” is Abulu's third feature film. His debut film, ”Back to Africa,” screened to a sold-out audience at the 1998 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and was again well received during its 10th Anniversary screening at this year's Newark Black Film Festival. Abulu acknowledges ABFF's selection of “Crazy Like a Fox” as a testimony to the artistic quality and inexhaustible creativity of the contemporary African artist. “The ABFF is one of the most influential Black film festivals in the world, and we're honored that our film was selected for screening,” he shares. “We know that it will give the film the opportunity for mainstream U.S. distribution.”

Founded in 1997, ABFF is the premiere international marketplace for films that showcase the best new work by and about people of African descent. The festival's mission is to strengthen the Black filmmaking community through resource sharing, education, artistic collaboration and career development. The ABFF was born out of the need to spearhead distribution opportunities for independent Black films and promote cultural diversity within the motion picture industry, and the festival continues to bring the best emerging Black filmmakers to the forefront.

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