Nollywood Hardtalk | 9 September 2015 09:21 CET

NEA Awards Not Credible—Solid Star

Award ceremonies are meant to reward those who have excelled in their various professions, but when such process is called to question, then there is trouble.

Before now, different Nigerian artistes have criticised some award events, casting doubts on their credibility. Most of them complain that awards are doled out by organisers to their close associates.

In the US, the Grammys is held in high esteem by musicians, while the Oscars is the perceived highest honour an actor can get. Even being nominated is celebrated and winning is worshipped and can change one's life for good. At least, Lupita Nyong'o can testify to this.

These two awards have stood the test of time.

Over the weekend, the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) was held in the US and one person that is not happy with the turn out of things is Solid Star, who describe the ceremony as a joke.

According to him, “Most of these Nigerian awards are just jokes, especially NEA! All these highest famzer gets nominated and highest bidder win awards. I don't need your nominations to know that I'm making good music!”

However, some have criticised the artiste for going hard on NEA. Some of them have asked if Solid Star would have made this comment if he was nominated or had won the award.

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