Nollywood Hardtalk | 23 June 2018 11:39 CET

Upcoming Actor are Suffering from the Bad Attitude of Some Actors… Actor, Kolade Oyewande

Yoruba actor, Kolade Oyewande, has joined some of his colleagues to criticize the way some of his colleagues tends to bring shame to the industry through social media.

The actor pointed out that they as upcoming actors have lots of people they look up to in the industry and when they continue to wash their dirty linen in public then it becomes a problem.

Expressing his mind, he wrote, “I swear some senior colleague attitude and display on social media is affecting we the upcoming, if our forefather acted same way, there might be nothing like Nollywood but they paved way for you all by showing good examples, try to pave way for others we the upcoming ,through good behaviours so we too can pave way for others coming ,please on behalf of all the upcoming actors n producers ,I beg you all senior colleague show some love to each other let us learn good lessons from you all and to all upcoming actors and producers, please stay humble to all senior colleague in respective of who you are and what you have.”

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