Nollywood On Fire | 9 May 2015 14:11 CET

I Don’t Need a Fake Relationship Again...Queen Ure

Nigeria's singer, Queen Ure Okezie, is sure having a nice time with God and her family members who have showed her tremendous support since having a failed marriage with her singer hubby, Soul E.

The singer in an interview with YES magazine, stated that considering her past experience in relationship, she would gladly give love another chance.

According to her, “Definitely, I would. This world would be incomplete without love. We would continue to love until our dying days! That's the essence of our existence now.”

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Speaking about her kind of man, the daughter of one time Minister of Agriculture, Chief JOJ Okezie, stated that she would like to fall in love with a man who is honest not deceptive or act fake and knows the true definition of love .

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