Nollywood Hardtalk | 29 July 2015 22:25 CET

Comedian, Baba de Baba Calls Timaya [email protected] Accuser Unprintable Names

Fast-rising comedian, Baba de Baba, has slammed the American lady, Sheila, who accused Nigerian singer, Timaya of molesting her sexually last week on Instagram. He descended on her by calling her different unprintable names.

The comedian described Sheila as a woman of easy virtue who is trying to climb to limelight on the singer's back.

“What girls do now is that if you sleep with them and promise to buy them something, if you fail to fulfil your promise, the S3X will be converted to [email protected] That's why you see ladies reporting [email protected] cases after many months of the incident,” the comedian said.

Baba de Baba further said, “What she wants is cheap publicity for her trade because the first thing that comes to a guy's mind when he sees her picture is 'this girl na ashawo, me sef go try chop my own afterwards (this lady is a fancy woman, I will also sleep with her), he follows her on instagram.

“By so doing, she has got a customer and will charge more because she's no longer an ordinary [email protected] but a celebrity ashawo.”

Sheila claimed Timaya committed the act during his visit to the US in a hotel in Atlanta.

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