Beauty | 18 June 2015 16:04 CET

Despite Being Married, Men are After Me...Model, Faith Morey

Nigerian international model, Faith Morey, in a recent interview, has disclosed that the difference between Nigerian models and international models is that they are well paid compared to those in Nigeria.

She stated that the international industry is very developed and organised unlike the once available in Nigeria.

Speaking about distraction from men, the Ikwerre, Rivers State born model noted that she cannot trade her family for guilty pleasure.

Faith, who is married with a kid, stated that despite having a good family, she still get advances from men which to her is an appreciation of how beautiful she is.

“When you are backstage, you barely have the time to check out male models; you would be busy trying to calm your nerves before you get on stage. I have a family to consider. I would not want to throw my family away for my guilty pleasures. Even as a married woman, I still get advances from men. It only reminds me that I am a beautiful, black and intelligent woman. I would check the mirror the day I stop having admirers,” she told Dailytimes.

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