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Singer, Sey Shay Succumbs to Threats as She Apologise to Fan

Many have seen the social media as a bad place to interact base on the ills it has cost many in the society but some still regard it as a good place also.

Recently, the social media page of Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay, was agog with various tongue lashing after the singer had accused a fan who competed in her competition was accused of buying likes to enrich her votes.

Aside just accusing the singer, Seyi Shay went as far as uploading her picture with the presumed votes she bought and displayed it asking her other fans to judge. But things turned soar when the singer was attacked that she was disgraced by a fan in the know of how she was picked in Abuja to go round begging for shows.

She was asked to apologise to the singer as she stands to gain nothing by hitting on her fans. It get so bad that actor, Mofe Duncan had to drop a comment calling on Seyi Shay to accept the singer's number of votes as she was once an on-air-personality.

Read her apologies below;

Darling Debbie, @debbie_veren

Please accept our apology for the insinuation of dishonesty to you entering the #myjangilovacompetition. Let me start by thanking you for embracing JANGILOVA as “yours”.

My greatest joy and mission from the onset has been to entertain, engage my fans and touch lives. I get excited creating platforms that will unite my fans and myself through laughter, music and the likes of the just concluded social media competition. If during the process, We offended anyone, I apologize from the depth of my heart.

Debbie, kindly accept our apology and the first prize as the winner of the #myjangilovacompetition. You are a fan, with a great voice and passion. We do apologise for the embarrassment this has caused you, your family and friends.

We wish you the very best in all your endeavors and look forward to meeting with you again soon

Yours Sincerely,
Seyi Shay

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