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No! I Haven't Slept With Lots Of Actresses, Only One- Ik Ogbonna Defends Self

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He is proud single father of a three year old daughter, and yet expecting another cute baby from his Colombian fiancée, Sonia Lareina, who he met recently on Instagram, but IK Ogbonna is not a Casanova as people paints him to be.

Although he is regarded as one of the hottest sex symbols in the Nigerian entertainment industry for his suave looks and carriage, the Nollywood actor cum modle belongs to the 'Umu Chineke community', that is Children of God community, so he is 'strictly God's property and He takes care of his business for him.'

Over the years, the light-skinned actor was fingered in many romantic affairs, involving girls from within and outside entertainment circle but in a recent interview with Vanguard, he defends himself, saying it was all bunch of lies.

"That can't be true; people can only say what they want to say because a lot of people believe that you can only get something by selling your body but I don't roll that way. I'm strictly God's child and I belong to the 'Umu Chineke community', that is Children of God community. I'm strictly God's property and he takes care of my business for me.

Most of the actresses are my friends, they're like my sisters. I've probably dated one of them before which was probably out there and that's what it is. If I was in a relationship with that person, it was a relationship and I don't just go frolicking around from one actress to another."

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Now he is happily engaged and plans to get married soon. Recalling how he got attracted to Sonia, he said, "she's an awesome person and we met off social media. I had broken up with the relationship I had and at that point I was really not thinking of getting into any relationship. A friend of mine pointed her instagram page to me and I wasn't really interested in surfing the internet at that point in time but then again, I had a second look at her page and I was liking her pictures and unconsciously she was liking my pictures and from there, we started talking and it was almost as if it was just meant to be. It was just two people with like minds coming together with a lot of positive chemistry being built up and then before you know anything it was like boom, it happened."

And his break-up, how did it all happen, Ogbonna said "I always like keeping my past away; they say that It is not nice to visit dead issues so when you've passed something, let it stay there. I don't usually like talking about my exes because they all have their individual lives they're living right now and it would be very impolite of me talking about someone's life so I just face mine."

Talking about life as a ladies man, the Model who is often seen in the middle of beautiful ladies has this to say.

'I grew up having female admirers all my life- right from being a child. In school, I always had female folks flocking around me so I've always been used to them, so, it's nothing new to me. Being an actor just increased everything and I have a lot of attention from a lot of people; a lot of people like my work, my presence. They like me for my style, people like me for different reasons.

One thing I keep in mind is the fact that these people are basically 80% of the reason that my brand is established today. I know my lines and a lot of people know where they draw their own lines although a few people really don't know where to draw the lines. However, it's in my part to still be friendly and try to, in a mature way, deal with the situation."

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