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Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo At War?

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For some time, the duo of Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo have been accused of dating secretly, which they have also denied severally. The two Ghanaian movie stars have claimed to just be close friends and nothing more.

But going by latest information, all seem not to be well between the two jolly good friends. In fact, Yvonne Nelson is angry with the handsome actor for a statement credited to him.

Yvonne Nelson recently called on Ghanaian citizens to join her in pressuring the government to solve the issue of epileptic power supply in the country.

And when asked why she never involved her friend, John Dumelo in her campaign, she answered by asking, "How can I invite John Dumelo when he wants to wait till he's 90 to see electricity! He loves to kiss *ss."

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However, John Dumelo, in a statement, explained that the statement credited to him was totally misinterpreted.

'To whom is may concern: my sentiments expressed on an Accra based fm station have totally been misread and misconstrued. Before I start off, I'm not a spokesperson for any political party neither am I a representative in the social circles.

'I said and I quote, ”Let's give the president time to solve the problems, after all, if by 2016 these problems haven't been solved We know what we will do."

'You think I am happy running a company at a loss? I am not. As at now I still do not have a generator in my house. I sweat at night and I am sure we all do.

'I have heard all kinds of insults and threats on my life because my statement was completely taken out of context.

'As for the insults and death threats, it has made me a better person. Long live Ghana,' John Dumelo said in the statement.

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