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I Was Born a Jehovah Witness and We had No TV... Cynthia Morgan

Would anyone ever believe that Nigeria's dancehall queen, Cynthia Morgan is a Jehovah Witness brought up? Cynthia Morgan has revealed that her childhood has been a very big deal for her that many will not understand what it feels like to be from such a home.

She said there was nothing like TV in her home but was able to learn the street life and music through errands her parents sends her and when she hears things outside, they stick to her memory.

According to her on hiptv, “My childhood is one very big thing for me. It's a big deal for me. If you grow up the way I grew up, you will understand. I can't explain it because it is a whole lot, it's a whole journey. I was born and bred in a Jehovah witness home, so TV, no. But ask me how I learnt all these things? Apart from it being a gift, when I am walking on the streets when I am being sent on errands, I hear music and all these things saved, it's just like memory card. As a child, you know when something happens, you don't forget, it just sticks there. So I learnt, I picked from people, I listened, I wanted to make move. If you don't make move, man, nothing is going to work for you.”

The singer who has so far been doing well for herself since joining Jude Okoye's NorthSide Music in 2013, as her latest effort, 'German Juice' is currently receiving massive airplays. She has tasted the other side of tongue lashing from fans and various reports about her personality but she has been able to remain focus.

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