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Rita Nzelu Returns To Nigeria To 'Hustle' Her Way Back To Nollywood

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An Igbo proverb when translated in English means; You don't stand one place to watch a masquerade, if you want to enjoy its dance steps'. Which literally means one has to move from one end to the other to get satisfaction in what he or she is doing.

Same goes to our 'run-away' beautiful actress, Rita Nzelu who is one of the pioneer actors in Nollywood. Her appearance in Living in Bondage where she played the role of Tina, a call girl, still remains something to talk about.

Aunty Rita, left the shores of Naija to look out for greener pastures but it seems after a long hiatus, Rita has returned back to Nigeria in a bid to relaunch her acting career to make up to her loyal fans.

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Note To Rita: Do you think you can still find your space in Nollywood? Lots of fierce and over zealous young and very daring young ladies have already taken over. This our present day Nollywood is not the way you left it oh. Lots of water have gone underground and nudity has become the other of the day. Hope you are ready to play be the new rules of the game?

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