Nollywood Exclusive | 18 March 2015 17:15 CET

EXCLUSIVE: Why APC Wants Ibinabo Removed As AGN President—Insiders Reveal

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

On Monday, March 16, 2015, a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos ruled that the election that brought Ibinabo Fiberesima into office as the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) was illegal. The court stated that the poll should not have taken place in the first place.

The news was greeted with mixed reactions, with many practitioners in the industry sharing their different views on the ruling.

However, some insiders in Nollywood have told that the ruling may have a strong political undertone.

'Don't forget that Ibinabo has been a strong supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan. She has been in the forefront of rallying together entertainers in Nigeria to support Jonathan's re-election in 2015. Look at how she brought showbiz personalities together on Sunday in Lagos for the President.

'I am not surprised that the court judgement is coming at this time when the opposition see that the table is beginning to turn in favour of Jonathan,' an insider in the AGN confided in

Another insider asked, 'Do you think the All Progressives Congress (APC) is happy with the way Ibinabo has been getting top entertainers to support Jonathan? Ordinarily, do you also think they will be happy with her for the staunch support she has shown to the President when virtually all the major celebs who reside in Lagos and enjoy the benefits of the opposition's government, now show their support for Jonathan?'

'I smell that the ruling is meant to demoralise Ibinabo and they do not know that she is a strong woman, who will never be moved by such. I am happy she has appealed the judgement, which is the best thing to do,' another insider said.

'I don't know why everything in Nigeria is almost getting politicised. Ibinabo has laboured hard to make the guild a good brand and now, some people want to ruin her selfless efforts, they will not succeed.

'Remember Jonathan is the Grand Patron of AGN, I am not surprised that this is coming at this point in time. We are strong and will remain strong. The show must go on, Ibinabo is still the President of the guild,' a top AGN member, who begged not to be named, told

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