Nollywood Exclusive | 12 March 2015 09:40 CET

NFC Exclusive: Untold Reasons Joseph Benjamin's Marriage Crashed

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

In 2012, it was reported that Joseph Benjamin, who had been hiding his marital status, was planning end his marriage to his wife of eight years, which produced two lovely kids.

The actor had refused to divulge the circumstances surrounding their break-up, but after much pressure, the Kogi State born celebrity issued a statement via his social media platform saying; “A lot was misconstrued and I will not hold anyone responsible for it because everyone is entitled to their opinion and, for me, I believe that when you embark on a journey like that, it is something that requires the two people involved to have a certain form of understanding.

“Let me go a bit spiritual with you here, the Bible says: Can two walk together if they do not agree? So there should be some form of agreement.

“You guys should have this certain joint that kind of joins you together and if to an extent it's not there and one feels that there is need for you to move on, let's be mature about this, let things go in a very calm way.

“That's basically it. I would say that this is in a bid to being very particular of what I say because that is how it was misconstrued."

On that note, did an underground investigation and found out one of the untold reasons why their union met with brick walls.

According to a reliable source, who is close to the family, the talented actor-cum-presenter wasn't at a point proud of his wife.

"You won't blame him, the wife started getting big in size by the day. At a point, she lost shape and Joseph tried everything he could to make her balance back, but all to no avail. That's why you hardly see him attend events with her or even snap picture with his wife before the union finally crashed.

“He wasn't proud of her and how big she suddenly became. Worse still, the woman wasn't ready to do anything about it. That was part of what let to their separation," the source alleged.

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