Nollywood Affairs | 4 March 2015 15:08 CET

I Wept When My Boyfriend Left Me—Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, recalling her past experiences, thanked God for the positive changes that have occurred in her life.

The actress explained that while in secondary school, she used to go late for her Accounting class because she never liked the teacher taking the subject, who she said was wicked.

She also added that during class, her mind was always divided because she could not do without fried yam and would anxiously wait for close of school in order for her to go for her favourite.

According to her, “I remember how I used to miss Accounting lectures all the freaking time Cuz of this really wicked teacher #SSS headaches.”

“I remember how I used to think about fried yam when class was I couldn't wait to close from school and get the yam #yam focus,” she said.

Speaking about her acting career, the actress explained that it was really tough combining acting and her university education, describing it as the toughest thing ever. “I remember how challenging it was combining university with acting....#toughest thing ever.”

Yvonne further said when her boyfriend then changed school, she cried over it. “I remember how I cried when my crush/bf left my school to another school. #high school blues.”

The actress also confessed that, “ used to jump my mum's wall to go out and I don't even feel like unless I'm paid to be there #life #priorities.”

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