Hot Issues | 25 January 2015 21:43 CET

Muhammadu Buhari's Wife Reveals Her Agenda If She Becomes The First Lady

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Aisha Buhari, the wife of APC presidential flag-bearer, Muhammadu Buahri during the inaugural meeting of the APC women presidential campaign initiative held in Abuja on Saturday January 24, reacted to her husband's promise to scrap the office of the first lady because it is unconstitutional and allegedly being used to steal public fund.

She also revealed her agenda if she eventually becomes the first lady after the elections.

According to her, "when my husband is elected as the president of this country, he will rule the country within the rule of law based on the constitution of the country.

If the office of the first lady is constitutionally recognised, he will not tamper with it, but if it is not that's okay. For me, I will perform my duties and role as the wife of the President of Nigeria traditionally.

Wives of presidents have some traditional roles, like receiving guests, visiting orphanages, helping the less privileged people. They also lead in the fight for the right of women and malnourished children, infant mortality rate, kidnapping and girl-child trafficking."

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