Hot Issues | 20 April 2011 07:52 CET


By odublack

Vitriolic rapper, Lord of Ajasa has dismissed recent reports in a section of the media that he was banned from visiting the United Kingdom for the next 10 years as the making of his detractors and an attempt to run him down. Ajasa according to the reports had presented some documents sent to him by a London-based music promoter which the British High Commision found to be false. He was subsequently denied visa on the ground that the documents submitted were false and given 28 days to file an appeal which he summarily dismissed and moved on with his life.

However, his refusal to appeal haunted him again when another promoter invited him for another performance. “ Yes, I was refused visa again and told that I have an appeal and until I'm found not guilty by the appropriate authorities in the UK, the decision of the High Commission in Lagos will not be reversed. But it is shocking that this is coming up again in the media. It actually happened three years ago, imagine three years ago and it's gaining prominence in the media now.

That's now news to me. I see it as a beef against me. Some people are just out to run me down. I have since moved on with my life. Yes, I get invitations to perform in the UK several times but if it's not ripe and right to go I cannot kill myself. I'm not desperate. I don't want to send wrong signals to those youths listening to my music that going abroad is the ultimate. My parents live in the United States and I have a choice to live here or there.” On his next line of action, Ajasa said: I'm looking into the UK matter alongside my lawyers and I'm sure it will be resolved in due course.”

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