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I Don't Like Wearing Nigerian Products- Chelsea Ezeh Brags

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

26-year old model turned actress, Chelsea Ezeh is gradually turning into a Fashionista, even though she often suffers wardrobe malfunction and goes against the fashion laws, she knows how to combine accessories and appear appealing on the red carpet.

In the recent interview, the Anambra State born script interpreter talks about her fashion sense and why she doesn't like patronising nigerian products.

"I have an irregular shopping pattern but it depends on what I want at the time. Sometimes, I shop every week and sometimes, I shop twice a month. It depends on what I want to buy and how readily available it is in Nigeria.

I prefer shopping abroad because there are lots of varieties to choose from. For instance if you want to buy a Louis Vuitton bag and because we don't have a Louis Vuitton shop in Nigeria, you are at the mercy of buying from those who travel abroad to buy and sell in the country and their prices are usually double the amount . So I would rather buy it abroad and even if I don't travel, I would place my order online and have them ship it to Nigeria."

The multiple award winning English Language graduate of University of Maiduguri also talked about what inspires her shopping and how she manages to buy dresses that suits her to a near perfection.

"For me, shopping has to be fun and that is the only way I enjoy it. Most times when I travel, I go out with my friends and
I tell them that the day is our shopping day. While shopping, we have lunch in-between and it is usually a fun time for us. Inasmuch as I love to shop, I don't like moving from one place to another because it can be tiring.

Also, if I am in America for example, I do love to shop with my friends so that they can take me to places where I would get good deals."©

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