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Oge Okoye Becomes Jealous Of Friend

Envy, as some people would see it, is bad, but it can sometimes be for the positive reason.

The subject matter is one thing man cannot do without and when it is done in the right way, it could shoot one to success. But, when bitterness is added to it as spice, it then becomes wicked and despised.

For Nollywood star, Oge Okoye, she became envious of a friend of hers recently due to the nature of her friend's hair, which she admires.

Oge Okoye is known to be a classy lady that does not settle for less. When it comes to beauty, the actress ensures she goes for the best. And when it comes to admiring and praising people for good things, Oge Okoye is never short of doing that.

She shared her recent experience with a friend who she fell in love with her hair.

Oge Okoye wrote, “Hey dolls n' Kings. So I just met this new gorgeous friend with the most amazing weave. Well, the amazing "Weave" turns out to be her natural hair and I've been totally green with envy.

“She swears (a hair product) is the secret to her long, thick bouncy hair with the fullest hairline ever. With my seriously thinning hairline and split ends, I'm super excited to try the (hair product) magic!”©

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