Celebrity | 18 May 2008 05:50 CET


By By Tade Makinde

A Honda Accord, C-class Mercedes, two award-plaques, and the pride of two jolly good fellows, Abolore Akande (a.k.a 9ice) and Ugochukwu Stevens (a.k.a Ruggedman), are at stake when this year's Champions League final is concluded between Chelsea FC and Manchester United in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday.

Pressure is gradually mounting on the duo as the D-day arrives with cars worth almost N5 million at stake, and the pride of both musicians.

9ice, a Chelsea fan, has bet his Honda Accord car against Ruggedman's Mercedes, and the “Revelation of The Year” HHWMA Award winner is sure “Gongo Aso” when Chelsea beats Man Utd “silly” to add another to his car come May 21.

“Ruggedman knows 'am a die-hard supporter of Chelsea, there's nothing he can do again to get that Mercedes back to his Yaba apartment after betting with me. This is not Wigan we are talking about, and they shouldn't expect to be awarded any penalty against us on Wednesday,” he asserted.

However, Ruggedman says he pities the nice one as he's about to start “jumping buses and trekking” to shows. “9ice is just starting out in this business, I suggest he puts his mouth where his money is if he wants to take a stand on his dry team,” he insists.
Initially, 9ice had staked his Honda against Ruggedman's Morano Jeep, but the rapper

flipped. “What? How can he expect me to bet a jeep worth ten times against his Honda?” “Because he's a friend and an aburo, I'm going to bet my Mercedes Benz, though that's also several times more expensive than his Honda.
“For real, Man U will beat Chelsea two nil on Wednesday. I know they are good, but they're not better than us.

“O.k, let me predict a two-one scoreline. If they put their lives into it, and if 9ice can inform Mikel that he's staking his Honda on Chelsea, maybe the Nigerian can get a goal for him.

“Either way, 2-0, 2-1, Chelsea is going to lose and Man U will win a double. Anybody close to 9ice should warn him not to send people to come beg me afterwards.

“His well-wishers seeing him in a car today shouldn't pity him when his only car becomes mine in a matter of days,” Ruggedman added. 9ice, not surprised Ruggedman could make such assertions, replied that an average Man U fan “brags a lot over nothing.”

“A team that scored a third of its goals through penalties is no team. It's a known fact that English FA gives that team undue advantage. “Look at what happened last Sunday, the ref hurriedly gave them a penalty because they feared Wigan could upset Man U. They knew they didn't deserve that win, even Ruggedman knew.

“By the time we come back from Moscow with the cup, Ruggedman will hide his head in shame. He has enough hooded tops and skull caps to do that anyway. Not only am I staking my Honda, now, l've decided to add my HHWMA plaque too. I dare Ruggedman to do same. From the bottom of my heart, kiss your Benz good-bye, Ruggedman,” he said, thumping his small chest.

“If 9ice wants to test us, 'am also ready, car-for-car, award-for-award, pride-for-pride. Am going to deal with that area boy,” raved Ruggedman. It's only a matter of days to see who, between the duo, will wag a victorious tail, and who will tug his in between his legs.

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