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Blessing Olorunleke is one of the lovers of acting and the motion picture generally. A chip off the old block you might say because as a younger person she watched her father do his work as a film projectionist and was exposed to good films.
When she decided to get closer to Nollywood it was to render assistance to artistes and movie makers to see that their dreams materialised. She also made almanacs for Actors Guild of Nigeria Lagos chapter, Association of Movie Producers and supported others to realise their ambition of making movies.

Now, the interest has shifted from the supporter to the supported as she wants his friends to support her as well as she supported them as she has become a prolific film maker with the popular Day of

Blessing Olorunleke Atonement , Older than the earth as some of her testimonials

“I came into the movie industry in 2000 through a cousin of mine who is involved in make - up. His name is Gabriel Okorie known as Gabazini. We later didn't do the movie because Late JT Tom West was not disposed it was handed over to Charles Warran who also didn't do what we expected, so we stopped.

After that, I had a story which I had carried on for many years in primary school. We had acted this story as a play let in church and later into a movie called Day of Atonement and it did very well in the market. The movie won AMAA award as the best special effect and best up -coming actor.

I have done another one which Numetro wanted to sell earlier before they changed their mind. I had to now put it into the market. The movie is Older than the earth.


I had been friends to several Nollywood stars. They come to my house some to buy from the goods, the clothes I sell.

So some people started wooing me to get involved. Apart from this, several imported goods were banned so I reduced my foreign trips to buy goods. I also put my energy to my farm in Ikorodu apart from making movies. But then everybody says try and produce a movie and I eventually did.

Problems of marketing

There is indeed a problem of marketing of Nigeria movies but if independent producers allign there won't be problem like we have these days. Once we are in one accord and united, things would work better.


I come for Abia State, Amapu Ntigha on Isale Ngwa LGA. My dad was a film projectionist. He started at British Council and later, National Educational Technology Centre before his death.

So I like showbizness and has always been restless. I play the keyboard. I had told my father that I would produce a movie someday. And I have done this. I wish he were alive to see these.

At first, my plan was to sponsor people. But so when I didn't make my money back, I decided to get in fully. I only enjoy the creative imput. I have not seen the money invested. But we are learning by the day.

It is my interest to get into full entertainment and not only movies. I produce the jackets, duplicate the CDs and the marketers are only selling them and I hear we are doing very well. The first one didn't go this far, they told their usual stories.


Film festivals are very important for movie makers and I believe every film maker must endeavor to attend as often as possible to acquaint ourselves with current trends . I have not gone to any of these festivals, I had been invited to a festival in Sweden but I didn't attend because I was busy.
Marketers and old faces

The marketers always try to use same faces in movies; relegating the old stars to the background. This is not good. Somebody like Liz Benson is not used often these days. But she is good. Genevieve, Omotola and Co are good actresses who shouldn't be jettisoned because the new acts have one or two things to learn from them.

For me, I employ your service because you are talented. Your talent is what gives you the role. Because of having control, I make use of the people I love their acting whom I know would be able to interprete the role.

When Teco Benson directed my movie, I was in London and I was happy with the cast - Liz Benson, Justus Esiri and others.


I still hope to make more films but not now when I still hire cameras, lights and all. I have started acquiring cameras and other equipment so that movie making will be made easy for me.

Teaching instrument

I tell all our fans and those who watch the movies to get closer to God because that is what I know. I want my movies to be seen as instrument of teaching.


I love assisting the needy anytime anyday, I love doing this every month. I also support widows in my church every month. We have about 200 widows in the group.


I love watching films and listening to music.

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