Behind the scene | 29 February 2008 17:03 CET


By By Nonye Iwuagwu

Not many people know that Clarion Chukwura has other gifts beside acting. On Sunday, when the actress was invited to make a few remarks about Mr. Andrien Gbinigie, who had just been installed as the patron of the Movie Reporters Guild of Nigeria at the Coliseum, she turned the hall into a classroom.

After giving her remarks, she began to lecture the movie reporters on how to do their jobs. She advised them to close their eyes to the scandals that were always trailing actors, actresses and other entertainers. She said reporters should rather celebrate entertainers' acting prowess and positive actions. She added that while serious reporters should expend their energy on selling our stars to the world, 'junk reporters' should be left to highlight scandals.

Chukwura was so bent on delivering her 'lecture' that she forgot that she was only called to make a few remarks. But her audience, who had by then grown bored, voted for a halt by sustaining a loud round of applause that made her to give up the microphone.

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