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DNA Test Revealed That Am Not The Biological Father Of Her Second Daughter, Afrocandy’s Ex-Husband Revealed

By Daily Sun
Afrocandy and Ex-Husband

Afrocandy and Ex-Husband

Looking at things happening to Judith Opara Mazagwu, aka Afrocandy, Nigerian artiste based in the United States, it appears that controversy is gradually becoming her second name.

First, her videos caused a stir on the Internet and major blogs, to the extent that angry Nigerians fired her hate mails.

Afrocandy had told Daily Sun, in an interview published on September 3, 2010, that she didn't dump her US-based husband, Boltin Mazagwu. She said:

“There has been lots of rumours going on about my marriage and it is only a few people who know the truth. The fact is, I did not leave my husband; my husband rather left, due to some gossip he heard about something that happened back in Nigeria before I joined him in the US.

I begged him and he came back. When he left the second time, that pushed me to give him a restraining order. I really would not like to go into details because I see that as past and I will like the past to remain where it belongs because I have moved on; talking about it takes me backward.”

Boltin Elumelu Mazagwu, the artiste's husband, read the interview online and furiously had to do a reply.
In his reaction, he accused Judith of cheating on him while their marriage lasted. He also said that a DNA test had revealed that he is not the biological father of their second daughter.

When asked what he meant by 'Angel was fathered by another man, Mazagwu said:

“When she sent me her pictures, I suspected, from the child's facial features that she didn't look like me. When I complained, she told me that the girl took after my mother's people. She stopped at nothing to make me believe all her lies. She is a pathological liar. When I confronted her with the DNA results, she confessed that indeed, I am not Angel's father and rationalised her actions to loneliness and temptation.”

On his allegation that his wife had multiply partners, he said:

“In the apartment I rented for her, she had affairs with the landlord because she lied about her marital status. She didn't tell the man she was married. It was only when trouble broke out that the landlord knew her real status. Also, a guy across the street, named Goddy from Abia State, laid accusations on her. She couldn't deny this. I know Goddy; whenever I came to town, she would tell me that Goddy was a chief from Abia State and I took them that way, not knowing they were dating.”
One how the bubble burst, the angry ex-hubby said:

She started leaving the kids all by themselves. She would leave them and hit the clubs. I was boiling, but she had gone full circle. So, in January 2006, I came to Nigeria to investigate the whole thing and discovered everything was true. Before I returned from Nigeria she ran to the child support in the US to file a report that I had abdicated my responsibility. She went to the Nigeria Catholic community to complain. When I returned and told the church what had happened, it was shocking to them.

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