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Justus Esiri: Entertainers On Operation No More Death+tributes on the late veteran actor and reactions over incessant death

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It is no longer a lesson of thought that the world is a stage for every human, and men and women are but a walking shadow. This assertion proved its mettle following the death of Nollywood thespian and entertainer, Justus Esiri.

The late actor's death which has generated numerous agitation and fears among the showbiz practitioners and fans of the industry, recently took to another dimension that is resolute to the outrageous step taking by some entertainers when they bared their minds on the incessant death that has befallen the make-believe industry.

Consequently, this death-driven issue which has sent a span across movie practitioners by reminding them of their immortality and fragility on the hold of human existence also forced the president of the Actors' Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Ibinabo Fiberesima, to call on her colleagues in the entertainment industry to come together and put an end to the incessant death being experienced in the industry lately.

CJ Mama:

The thing happening in Nollywood has become so horrible that I don't know what to say again; and it has passed to the music industry. I think is quite time we should take a step for solution

Ibinabo Fiberesima:

With the incessant death occurring in the entertainment industry this year, it's high time we put a stop to it. We must surrender our lives to Almighty God irrespective of our religious belief. Let's come together and embark on prayers and commit our industry and practitioners to God. We need serious prayers. We must reject death in the entertainment industry. Join us irrespective of your status, age, beliefs, profession, etc. Let's pray. Let's save Nigeria. Let's save the entertainment industry. Only God saves.

Ogeh Cynthia:

I'm shocked, fearful and more careful these days over what is happening in the industry. Well, may God have mercy on all of us.

Wande Coal:

I wept bitterly when I heard the news of Sir Justus Esiri's death. He was my favourite actor and also the father of my friend. I don't really know what to say now. This is really sad.

Ngozi Angel Paul:

Yes, I will say we should give our life to Christ first before any other thing we do. We should also ask for God to lead us through; let's put our hands together and stop this incessant death being experienced in the industry lately because it is getting out of hand.

Anyinofu Mc Ash:

The death thing in Nollywood is one we must give a thought; nevertheless the world we live in is more spiritual than what meets the eyes. So, I urge every member of AGN, DGN, producers and marketers to stay away from evil, do what is write keep your hands clean, pay your tithe and pray fervently for God must surely intervene.

It was a great shock to me when I saw the news of our great actor's demise, Justus Esiri on the twitter handle in France, where I went for an upcoming event. I called the AGN president, Ibinabo to confirm but she didn't take my call. I called several other colleagues until Tom Njemanze picked and told me it was real. I don't just know what to do, but I pray for our good Lord to accept his soul.

Iyanya Mbuk:

It's so painful we lost another legend. He was indeed a veteran actor that put smiles on so many faces when doing what he knew best. We will miss him dearly.

Dozie Eboh:

I'm yet to come to terms with such issue raging from the current situation in the industry. Well, I wonder what is happening, but I think we need to be closer to God.

Ikenna Emmaniekwe:

I will react to the death of people, because I do not believe there is any 'death thing in Nollywood,' death is an inevitable phenomenon that is synonymous with being alive. So it occurs, notwithstanding where you live or work. I do not want to associate myself with people who want to create mystery out of a very lucid circumstance of life. Even the Bible did say that 'It is appointed unto a man to die; and after death, judgment follows'.

So why are people making a mountain out of a mole hill? Has any of these men who died not have been diagnosed with certain illnesses of some sort? I would have subscribed to the ominous line of reasoning if perhaps, people just slump and die or just stand and die, for example dying in unclear or esoteric circumstances. All these people that have passed away have in one way or the other impacted my life, growth and development in the industry, and so, I feel that the last respect I owe them is to not indulge myself with the school of thought that want to make issues out of their deaths.

Igwe Diamond Adaeze:

Enough of mourning and burial in Nollywood. Must we all finish before we will find solution? Let's stop commenting and writing tributes. Enough of it all, we don't want to experience untimely death in the entertainment industry again.

Andy Ike:

It's so sad...so sadly that the Village Headmaster has headed out. Nollywood and the entire Nigerian art community will miss his exit. In fact, we now have a village without a headmaster. Adieu Sir Justus Esiri!

Paschaline Alex:

The whole thing is shocking and painful, but God knows best.

Charles Awurum:

Honestly, I would say that I'm speechless. Why is this death thing only pervading in Nollywood? It is one collective thing that everybody needs to find the solution of. But for now, let's not join issues, but to mourn the death.

Sound Sultan:

Sir Esiri lived it, acted it and died as a fulfilled actor. I can't forget how he dazzled on the Village Headmaster of those days. He was really good

Charles Inojie:

The late Justus Esiri was one of the leading lights of the movie industry in Nigeria. A true and thoroughbred professional, he ranked among those veterans whose personal sacrifices gave birth to what we have today as Nollywood

Ken Erics:

It is quite unfortunate that we lost our icons. I believe God knows the best. Death is a necessary end. There is nothing to be superstitious about. Death can occur anywhere. Let us all just live right.

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