Behind the scene | 17 November 2007 13:39 CET


Wow! I forgot to tell you this last week. It almost escaped my mind this week again, if not for what the Yoruba call ajesara.

Anyway, just joking. The gist is that Jide Kosoko, President of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP) was out of the country for some time in October.

"I only came back roughly two weeks ago from the United Kingdom. I went there to do a few things," he said in response to a question.
He actually went to the UK for a short rest, but you can be sure that Nigerians don't rest even when they say they are on vacation.

So, while in the UK, the Lagos Prince only rested for a while and later inaugurated the executive committee of the United Kingdom chapter of the ANTP.

Apart from that, Kosoko was also on a road show on the bill of the federal government along with other Nollywood stakeholders to expose the local movie industry to movie makers from other parts of the world, especially those from Europe.

It was a successful outing and you can be sure that by now, Nollywood is making big waves in Europe while collaboration between foreign movie makers and their Nigerian counterparts which is much expected, is certainly going to usher in a new dawn in the local movie industry.

Meanwhile, Prince Kosoko, who has been the moving spirit behind the proposed Yoruba World Movie Festival, told Roll Tape during the week that the festival was still on course and that the major sponsors were still being expected to come forward with what they had for the festival. He, however, said that come what may, the international festival would take place in December this year.

Prince Kosoko also took time to comment on the state of affairs of the association under him. He said that some of the younger elements in the ANTP who decided to form splinter groups in the past were starting to find their ways back to the mainstream ANTP.

"There are many groups in the country, especially those formed by artistes but there is only one ANTP.
"So, those of them who are ready to come back would be welcome back," he said.

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