Behind the scene | 10 November 2007 13:53 CET


Most Nollywood stars dream of making it to Hollywood one day, and many actually have what it takes. These fifteen stars are those with the language, looks and attitude to look and act Hollywood. And if given the chance they would live it up like they were born there, so what do you think? !


She quickly became the highest paid Nigerian actress and an idol for several young girls. Even in her ban, Genevieve continued to cultivate her image and today she looks and feels completely Hollywood. With great diction, great acting and great looks, Genevieve was born to do this.


She was once a beauty queen so now, as a mother and in her early thirties, Kate Henshaw still has what it takes to captivate. She was the only prominent Nollywood star picked to star in the MNET Doctors' Quarters. She is also one of the few Nollywood stars that does not churn out countless films in months.


Desmond is definitely good looking, one quality a lot of Hollywood leads possess. But besides his great looks, Elliot is a convincing actor. Probably loved more by women than men, he feels a lot like Nigeria's version of Morris Chestnut or maybe Sharma Moore.


A teacher of the arts, Sam Dede is probably one of the most convincing acts Nollywood has ever seen. A brilliant actor, Dede feels a lot like Hollywood's Deniro.


Femi Brainard has the looks and the diction. He is also a wonderful actor. He has featured in various Yoruba flicks, but his most prominent English roles include Dangerous Twins, The Two Brothers and B4 The Vows.


Not only is Olu Jacobs Hollywood standard, he has also featured in several Hollywood productions which include the classic Dogs Of War and Ashanti among several other flicks.


Dakore has lived in London and hosted on TV. Her charm and charisma go far beyond the silver screen. Well spoken and able to translate various roles, Dakore's charm is alluring, something Hollywood stars should possess.


Segun Arinze has been around for a while and hopefully would be around for another while. Even though Mr. Arinze does not define beauty, he has still been able to capture the hearts of his female audience. He has played some of Nollywood's best baddies, and has also done a wonderful job as a good guy several times.


In Hollywood, Wesley Snipes proved it took more than great looks to be a lead man and the same can be said for Yemi Blaq, besides his various action roles, he has featured in several romantic leads, including Jungle Fever. Yemi Blaq is not drop dead gorgeous but has the intensity and the diction that definitely capture and captivate the audience.


It is very hard to believe Liz Benson is a mother and in her 40's. She has lived a glamorous life like most Hollywood stars, she has also charmed millions of film watchers. Age has not slowed her down. She sounds Hollywood, she looks Hollywood and she acts Hollywood.

She's definitely Hollywood material if they ever needed a middle aged. But very sexy lead female but we may have to shelf this wish as she has become an evangelist now and getting back to acting may not be immediate.


RMD as he is popularly called has featured in an international film, 'Michael Power', that is as close to Hollywood as many would get. RMD has been in the industry from the beginning. First he captured our hearts on T.V, then in Home Videos. With boyish good looks, RMD is a convincing actor and knows his English.


Even with a slightly bulky frame, Bimbo is a screen goddess. And since size has never been an issue (Queen Latifah and now Jennifer Hudson), Bimbo could fit into any Hollywood production without problems.


Wife of Screen idol Olu Jacobs, Joke is a screen idol herself. When most young actresses are asked who inspires them, they quickly mention Joke. And at her age, Joke is graceful and very captivating. She is an asset Hollywood definitely missed out on.


Ramsey Nouah grew in this industry. When he first started, many said he wasn't very convincing as an actor even though he was very good looking. But with time, Ramsey has taken roles and given deliveries that have impressed many. Great diction, great looks and a great actor, what else does Hollywood ask for?

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