Behind the scene | 25 October 2007 14:24 CET


A compelling and gripping story of a top society Lady murdered in cold blood in her home by an unknown assassin. Being the estranged wife of John Adams, a key political opponent of the ruling government, the Nigerian police are determined to exonerate the government from widespread complicity. They launch a manhunt for the elusive murderer, spreading their dragnet even to rat holes but there seems to be a dead end everywhere. With all the odds against them it appears they are embarking on a mission to nowhere.

Director: Teco Benson (director of the original Blood Diamonds shot in 2003 in Sierra Leone)

Starring: Sam Dede, Stephanie Okereke

Produced by: Teco Benson

Showing at:

Cineworld Ilford, Cineworld Wood Green, Cineworld Staples Corner, Cineworld Dublin, Odeon Surrey Quays and Odeon Greenwich.

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