Behind the scene | 12 October 2007 23:29 CET


By Fred Iwenjora

Highly cerebral film maker, director and teacher Don Pedro Obaseki is some one whose creativity runs riots whenever it comes to innovations. He single handedly propelled Video Kiosk with Diamond Bank's support, that was after propelling the Film makers co-operative of Nigeria FCON. Now he has another big one up his sleeves called Filmex which he explains thus;

“FILMEX is a film/movie exhibition company that will also engage in the production and marketing and distribution of Nigerian Films as well as other allied entertainment products and services. Our mission is to uplift and maintain the standard of Nigerian artistic and entertainment products to world class levels. It is also poised to restructure the value chain of the Nigerian movie industry by altering the present distribution pattern (direct-to-video-and-home) to that of cinema/exhibition-to-video-to-home.

We are currently building 3 state-of-the-art cinema multiplexes in Lagos with a view to open to the public in December 2007
Following the huge potentials and opportunities inherent in the Nigerian Film industry (reputedly the third largest in the world with current estimates suggesting production of between 800 –– 1000 films per annum and a revenue range of between US$400 and US$800 million), FILMEX is set to become the biggest brand not only in cinema but also entertainment in Nigeria and West Africa. To achieve this, one of the strategies of FILMEX is to engage and leverage your expertise and support as a seasoned and renowned film maker even as the company is at the set up stage.

In view of the above, and relying on the information I have, and my sincere belief in your ability with special regard to your skills and experience, competence and integrity, I on behalf of FILMEX is proposing a formalized arrangement with you in form of content production/provision partnership.

Considering the novelty of this idea, and the urgency in presenting you (as one of our content providers and production partner) to our bank and investors, the company will appreciate your response to this request as soon as you can send one. You can also make clarifications by contacting me personally”.

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