Behind the scene | 4 July 2008 18:46 CET

Rotimi Makinde turns hotelier

By By Nonye Nwuagwu

In terms of movies, actor Rotimi Makinde has paid his dues, having featured in quite a few. Now, the actor has his eyes on yet another big thing. He has opened a hotel in Lagos.

Makinde said he was inspired to build a hotel during his journeys outside Nigeria. His hotel, the Capricornian Hotel, was planned to provide the pleasures and services that he experienced in the hotels he stayed abroad.

He said, “I have been to some countries outside Nigeria, and I have lodged in some hotels in these countries. So, I decided to set up something in that class, with all the modern facilities. At least, if you lodge in Capricornian Hotel, you should enjoy the same thing people are enjoying in hotels in the United Kingdom or the United States,” he said.

He disclosed that his hotel had made a provision for musicians who may want to perform there. “This is also aimed at boosting the entertainment and relaxation needs of people who want to enjoy good music and networking with other guests.”

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