Behind the scene | 25 July 2007 10:27 CET


When the names of talented, intelligent and creative actresses are mentioned in the Nigerian movie industry otherwise known as Nollywood, Adaora Ukoh's name would definitely be included.

The Anambra State-born damsel, who is currently one of the most promising actresses in Nollywood, has obviously carved a niche for herself. And whatever achievement she records, it cannot be unconnected to her late father, who was a disciplinarian.

In her childhood, when her father used to whip her silly, she never thought it was an act that will eventually drive her towards success in all her endeavours.

“I had a disciplinarian father who beat a lot. And because I was so stubborn among his children, he used to beat me a lot.

"But then, I thought he was just wicked. It was not until the discipline he was inculcating in me then started helping me in my career, that I realised what he had been trying to say,” Adaora said.

Adaora, who is a graduate of law from the University of Lagos, explained that she studied the course because, at the initial stage, her parents did not encourage her to delve into acting.

“But that has really helped me a lot. Being a law graduate is an advantage for me in the industry because it has improved my spoken English and confidence in front of the camera, among other things,” she stated.

However, this intelligent actress, who started acting at age 14, did not deny the fact that her big stature posed a lot of challenges to her as an actress.

She told WWW.NIGERIAFILMS.COM that, “my size and weight gives me a lot of challenges before producers. But I was able to scale it through a particular producer that believed in me.

“He allowed me play a major role in the movie, Black Bra, and that was the movie that built the highest fan base for me,” Adaora disclosed.
She has, however, featured in popular movies including Corporate Runs and Total Control among others.

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