Behind the scene | 3 November 2016 08:08 CET

Checkout Actress, Rachael Okonkwo’s Kitchen outfit (photos)

The Nollywood industry is growing on a fast pace and these days, fans and critiques have began seeing tremendous changes in terms of scripting, producing, custumes and others but if you dobt it, then you need to see actress, Rachael Okonkwo.

Looking for that one of many actresses that understands her craft then it will be proper to pick Rachael, who hardly has the time to relax as she moves from one movie location to another.

She is currently on a movie set and trust me, she looks pretty in her kitchen outfit where she plays the role of a maid who was brought from the village.

The movie also has the likes of Sasha Donald, Frank D Don, Chizzy Alichi and others.

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