Spotlight | 21 December 2011 02:31 CET



2011 has been a year of multiple elevation.I believe it's my time for God to elevate me.And I have been elevated.

It is a great feat to be modest.I was Best Supporting Actress at NAFCA Awards at North Carolina,USA.I also got Best Actress award courtesy of Afro Hollywood.Then came BON Awards,Diva Awards and City People Awards' Actress of the Year award.There were other recognition awards from various groups and organizations.

These awards means a lot.It means that my jobs and talent are being recognized.In fact,it is a recognition of my person.So,I am very happy.

I attribute my success to hard work and my humility which speaks for me all the time.I am a people's person.

Susan Peters is unique in everything.Everything about me is different.So,when you see me,you will know it's Susan Peters.

Even on the red carpet or on set.My hairstyle,the way I talk,you will definitely know it's me.

If anybody can really be like me,you have to be dark,tall and beautiful.You should know how to speak five languages,Idoma,English,Hausa,Igbo and Yoruba.

To win Susan Peter's heart? You must be truthful and honest.You know what? Most men are selfish.That's the truth.Even my own father is selfish.I say it to him all the time.Be truthful.Be yourself.You don't have to lie just because you want to get a woman.

Have the fear of God.Be hard working and respect women,which is very important.Then be goodlooking.If he has money and very handsome please bring him.Let's talk.I will take him to my village.

I would say I have been lucky in my relationship but the men have not been lucky.

Because it is their own loss for not keeping me.

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