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Uncertain Love

Source: Odimegwu Onwumere/

You are the reason I am leaving

this romantic love note here,

because you are romantic.

You are sweet and make my heart sweet.

So, we are sweethearts.

I hope this will be a little surprise to you.

You have sentenced my heart

with a complete heartfelt, expressing love.

I tenderly love you, I don't know about romance,

except I am driven to do that.

There was nothing that I have not told you.

You are a woman beyond my dreams,

but I am afraid there would be a FUTURE without you,

even when you will be by the side pepping me up. She crackles.

You are always worried to end our love, but not the relationship.

This has been a thorn in your neck.

The more you try, the more addictive you say you become.

You don't know why. But I do:

You are avoiding a situation where it does not get to

“If you leave me I go die.”

The few days we tried to distance each other were not cozy.

I had not only my heart broken, but all my body.

The fever it erupted was so intense.

The heat refuses to dry.

The memory refuses to go.

Your picture refuses to fade in my eyes.

Your laughter, good heart and wisdom have all been unique.

This is one time when I am not the strong man I used to be.

I don't know if you have become the man that I have lost

or you are still the woman?

Till I met you, I didn't know that

the memory of love is stronger than the memory of death.

One unique thing about you

is that you always try to explore

all your ingenuity in your life into the world.

You don't put your work into your talents,

but you put your talents into your work.

Others have a particular talent, but you have multiple of them.

With that, you teach us the power of persistence,

which nothing in this world can take its place.

Our passion is skyrocketing,

our hearts leaping in accord

with each other's rhythmic beats.

I have leaned on a few shoulders,

but I think your shoulder is different and special.

It is softer that I would have loved to lean on perpetually,

because you patiently listen to my numerous problems,

unlike those who jump into conclusion without listening to me.

I am happy to have you in my life,

even when my presence is mountaineering

numerous emotional problems on you.

We are meant to be for each other,

but I think not for each other.

Meeting you has taught me how to love again,

even though it seems that I am out of control.

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