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My Heart has no place for a man without courage – Ebube Nwagbo

By Benjamin Njoku

Oluebube Nwagbo strikes you as the girl next door. She's one of the most successful and hottest actresses in Nollywood at the moment. Ebube as she's popularly called by fans has not only paid her dues in the acting profession, she has equally proved her mettle in the world of business.

Last year, she launched her own line of hair extensions called, “Posh hair” which is currently doing well in the local market. From Enugu, where she is presently on location, this Anambra State born actress explains why she delved into business. She also speaks about her dreams, aspirations, accomplishments and love life.

You said your were on location when I called your line last Sunday?

Yes, I'm on location in Enugu. We are shooting a new film produced by Get Rich Productions.

The movie is yet to be titled and I'm playing the role of a young girl who has to go into prostitution to save her mother's life only for her to realise the woman in question is not her mum.

We started shooting the film which is featuring the likes of Sam Dede, Atus from Ghana, Ngozi Ezeonu and many other Nollywood stars three days ago.

Is it your first movie after the long break you took from from acting?

I have done a couple of movies lately. But it's just that some of them are yet to be released. I have about ten movies in the pipeline. It's not as if I took a break from acting officially, but somehow, I had to find time to do other things. Perhaps to re-establish myself in the industry.

I know that I'm not going to be an actress forever. That's why I decided to establish something I could fall back on in future because you never can predict tomorrow.

Could that be the reason for the setting up of your own line of hair extensions?

Yes, of course. My own line of hair extensions is called 'Posh Hair.' I also established a company which I run with my friend. We are into contract business. My hair product is doing very well in the market.

In fact, I'm surprised at the way people accepted the product. It's quite encouraging and I'm happy it is making waves in the market.

How did you get into the business?

Before now, I was looking for something else to do apart from acting. I tried my hands on so many things before a friend of mine finally sold the idea of setting up a hair product to me.

After giving it a thought, I decided to embrace the idea. Fortunately, my friend has all the contacts I needed to make the dream a reality.

I travelled abroad with her to make all the necessary contacts before jumpstarting the business. On returning to the country, I did my own home work, meet with the people, I needed to meet with, and thereafter start off the business.

It must have cost you quite a fortune to set up the business?

Yes, and I'm thankful to God today who made it possible for me to actualise this vision.

Do you see your achievement as a big challenge to some of your colleagues who are not thinking of having second profession?

Nothing lasts forever. While we are in this business of acting, there is need for us to work hard and find something to compliment our career in acting. I have worked so hard to become what I am today.

Most of my colleagues I think are not sleeping either. They are also thinking in that direction of what they will be doing after they are through with acting. It's important we begin to prepare for our retirement.

You also delved into gospel music. Was it another part of you that has not been explored properly?

The music aspect of me is inside the cooler for now. I might go back to it in future. I tried my hands on music and to my surprise, it worked out . Somebody wrote the songs for me and I was surprised that the music did so well in the market.

A lot of people were equally surprised that the music was a hit. I never imagined that it would be successful in the market. So yes, when I'm done with acting, I may decide to go back to music.

Some of your colleagues have described their involvement in the acting profession as accidental. Would you say you got into acting by accident?

I wouldn't say I have always wanted to act or that I started acting from childhood. No, I have never had a passion for acting. While in school, I was a shy person.

It never beat my imagination that I could make a career in acting. It all started while I was undergoing my compulsory one year industrial training after the completion of my Ordinary National Diploma programme. I was looking for something to engage myself in as a pastime. This is because I needed money to go back to school after my industrial training.

Then, I didn't want to work in a company. I had a friend I used to know way back in school, who was in the industry. I quickly contacted him and before I knew it, I was already in the industry.

My first movie is titled “Arrested By Love” where I acted alongside Jim Iyke, Pete Edochie and others . Acting came as an opportunity for me to get what I wanted and at the same time , achieve my dream. And in the process, I got stock.

What has been the reaction of some of your course mates who never believed you could make it in acting?

Well, some of my course mates expected to see the same old Ebube they used to know way back in school. But others are surprised that I'm doing what I'm doing today.

While I was in school, I wasn't the bad girl type, given the strict background that I hail from. They never believed I was going to end up as an actress.

You shuttled between Lagos and Enugu. Where exactly are you based?

I'm based in Lagos, but most times when I have a job to do in the East, I travel to the place.

Being a shy person, would you say Nollywood unveiled you?

Given what I'm doing today, I'm no longer that shy girl I used to be in the past. I now see myself as an instrument to better my country and humanity. Yes, delving into acting has really changed me and I'm happy doing what I am doing today. The industry has exposed me and I have really overcome my shyness.

Also, while sojourning in the industry, I have learned a lot and I'm proud to be part of this new trend. I didn't start acting from childhood rather, I grew to find myself in the acting profession.

Could there be anything that will make you to feel sober each time you reflect on it?

I'm an emotional person. I don't like to be hurt or be taken for granted by people. I hate being ridiculed. I also like to earn my respect from people. I have learnt to see things the way they are.

I have also learnt to speak up my mind and stand for my right . I hate people cheating on me. Moreover, I like to respect people and I also like people to respect me. That's me.

After your alleged affair with K.C Fresh and your purported fight with Anita Joseph over the musician, nothing much has been heard about your relationship with the opposite sex?

I have chosen not to speak about that. I don't dwell on my past. Anything that happened in the past remains in the past. It's my private life and I don't like to talk about it with anybody. I never had a fight with anybody over a man and I will never do such a thing. I'm too big for that.

When are we expecting the bell to ring for you?

At the right time, I will let you know. I'm too busy making money at the moment.

Don't you think a time will come when men will be scared of you ?

Any man who do not have the courage to come for me because of who I am, is not worthy to become my man. There is no amount of wealth a woman will acquire that will make her not to be submissive to her husband. The Lord has said it that a woman should be submissive to her husband no matter the height she attains in the society.

I am who I am, I'm no other person than the same Ebube. Like I said earlier, a man that cannot walk up to me and express his love to me, is not worthy enough to be my man. I'm old enough to know when a man takes the first step.

I don't allow whatever I have achieved over the years to get into my head. It doesn't change who I am. People who know me very well can testify to my simple nature.

And this is not even when you are painting the town red with a hummer jeep?

I'm not the only actress who is driving a jeep. There are so many of us out there who are painting the town red with their expensive cars. Yes, sometimes people do wonder why a young lady like myself should be driving a hummer jeep.

Others still acknowledge the fact that I have a taste for quality things. But for me, I know what I wanted out of life, and also what I think will make me feel happy. If driving a hummer will make me a happy person, I'd be ready to drive it over and over again.

Looking back, do you have any cause to regret the steps you have taken in life?

I have no regrets whatsoever . I will forever be thankful to God who made it possible for me to become what I am today. Like I said earlier, nothing lasts forever. While we are still sojourning in the industry, there is need for us to make use of every opportunity that comes our way.

Are you looking forward to becoming one of the Glo Ambassadors?

I'm hopeful, but I'm not dwelling on it. If it comes, all well and good. And if it doesn't , other things will come my way.

Nigeria is 51 years today, what's your message to the nation?

First and foremost, I'm proud to be a Nigerian. In as much as we have our challenges, the good, the bad and the ugly, I don't have any regret being a Nigerian. My prayer is that our leaders should strive to give the people a purposeful leadership . It is also my prayer that my industry, Nollywood overcomes the economic challenges that has undermined its growth in recent times.

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