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Divine and Laurina, the love child from her father

Divine and Laurina, the love child from her father

When it comes to relationships,there is a thin line between love and hate. These are the words I think best describe the animosity that exists between Deji Falope and fiancée Divine Logico.

Their relationship started a little over two years ago when they met at a show and ever since their relationship has been one hell of a Rollercoaster.

According to source,troubles started when Divine became suspicious of Deji and popular singer may7ven, daughter to popular footballer Segun Odegbami closeness,and ever since then, she is been acting strange.

After a while,the tension between the two died down when May7ven returned to her London base.

Divine became quite close to Deji fast and often played the good wife by cooking for him and his friends in his Ikeja house and going out on various dates with him to the movies, weddings and even bowling.

Divine introduced him to her mother and Deji began supporting Divine who the mother claimed was the bread winner in her family.

Deji helped Divine secure a light blue Acura MDS car and with the new house at number 20 Peggy osibor street magodo isheri as Divine and her family were recently ejected from their home at number 4 ayo fasugba street in the same estate.

Everything seemed fine until Deji had to put feelings aside and look at his current relationship more objectively.

When Divine's demand was getting too much, Deji asked some of his childhood friends for advice and they agreed to help him investigate the family further. Upon investigation, shocking revelations came to light about Divine Logico's many lies.

Her father who she claimed was on business in Nigeria was actually an illegal immigrant and was on the run from the Nigerian immigration after allegedly conducting illegal businesses in Nigerian and was holed up in Ikeja.

The six year old child Laurina who Divine claimed was her niece was actually a love child between Divine Logico and her father Mr David Logico which she bore for him six years before.

When Deji discovered all these facts,he decided that it was best to call off the relationship.

Divine got angered when Deji broke up the relationship.

Since Divine and her mother could not get Deji to agree back into the relationship after Deji's sister failed to persuade him, Divine and her mother then called a few of her police friends and claimed Deji was going to expose their family secrets. They invaded his house, confiscated his phone and began deleting pictures Deji had taken while he dated Divine and all other details to do with Divine and her family.

They attacked Deji when he tried to leave the scene after which they proceeded to area F police station where a certain Inspector Daniel upon seeing Deji, acknowledging that he had followed his career closely as a fan and hearing the allegations scolded Divine and her mother for being ungrateful and unfair to Deji who had catered for her family.

The police then asked Deji if he wanted to continue the relationship. Deji said an emphatic NO. He said God allowed this incident to happen as it had clarified the kind of family Divine Logico was from and that he and his family wanted nothing to do with them.

Deji almost blinded by fiancee's assault
Divine and Deji hanging out

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