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Every sane thinking person from all over the country and outside, including many world leaders have condemned in no small measure, the dastardly bombing of the UN building in Abuja, the FCT about 2 days ago, the area where the building is located is said to be where many Embassies are located, and with the ease with which the suicide bomber was able to do his job, evading security officials before slamming into the building, and by that causing many deaths-official claims says 18 deaths and over 60+ seriously injured, then everyone most especially the embassies needs to be on the alert. Pro-Islamic sect Boko Haram has already claimed responsibility for the ungodly act.

We would like to ask a question, which we already think, defies any answer, what kind of God, is it that would support violence or the taking of another life for reasons of agitations, what gives any other human-being the right to end another man's life for whatever reason(s),, are this people in any way normal, are they human-beings at all?.

Why ask, if there is a cover up?, it's because a statement was released on FB by the former Minister for Aviation in the regime of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in the person of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, who said and we quote him--

Dr. David Edward, a young and brilliant Nigerian U.S-based medical practitioner (who has a 10 year old son) and who had just flown in from the U.S. for the programme was one of the speakers at the conference on the 3rd floor of the UN building. He was speaking at the conference when the bomb went off and he died instantly. They say only 18 people died. This is not true. Out of the 300 people that attended that conference on the 3rd floor of the UN building alone at least 150 were killed. And yet they will tell you that only 18 people died. This is an ungodly lie and it is disrespectful to those who had to pay the supreme price and that lost their lives. In the National Hospital mortuary alone over one hundred dead bodies were deposited and many other bodies were rushed to other mortuaries in the city of Abuja. Please ask your people to go and ask those that work at Abuja National hospital if you doubt this. What about the 20 children that were killed in the creche? There was no mention of them by the media or our government either.

What type of country is this? These 150 people are not being honoured in death because no-one knows that they were killed as well. They have not even been acknowledged as a number let alone by name. Is it now a crime to tell the world the amount of harm, evil and damage that Boko Haram has carried out? We lost many innocent souls yesterday and not just the 18 that are being reported in the press.The Nigerian people have a right to know the truth and this government had better start getting serious about security before it is too late and the whole country falls apart. Boko Haram must be crushed. Utterly crushed. They must be wiped out.

If what he has tried to say to all is to be believed, it then brings the question to mind, WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THE COVER UP, is there something to be gained by some one or some people, by not revealing the truth as it were, WHY COVER UP THE CASUALTIES OF SUCH A HEINOUS CRIME FOR WHAT GAIN

Femi fani kayode

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