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Top actress Alex Lopez who has a Brazilian father and Nigerian mother is one actress who managed to remain in the limelight after many years of doing the screen business. Her sojourn into show business dates back to 1993, when she competed for the popular beauty pageant, MBGN, where she emerged second runner up.

Subsequently, Alex who was born in the North and trained at Obosi,Anambra state tried her hand in acting with Zeb Ejiro's movie entitled,Domitilla,her excellent performance garnered her other movie roles like,Piccidally,Daughters of Eve, Moving Train and the latest at the cinema,entitled,Pradah.

In a recent interview, she spoke on why she is still single.

Excerpts from the interview;

When will you settle down?

When God says I will settle down, then I will settle down. I am not in a hurry, and I am still having fun (Laughs) with my son so I don't really think I am missing out on anything.

I like my freedom and I don't lack anything. Marriage is something that you really need to think deeply before you get into it. Like my General Overseer in the church used to say, If you get Into the wrong marriage, It will be suicide for life, and I do not want to commit suicide for life.

I thank God that I have my son and everything. I am not disturbed at all.

Why Is It that single parents In the Industry find it so difficult to marry?

I don't know about others, I will talk for myself. People have different opportunities, decisions and circumstances. Many are afraid of commitment, but I don't think that It has anything to do with having a child. There is much involved in getting married. It has to do with God and people's decisions.

If you are not disturbed about marriage in this time frame, when will you be?

I will never be bothered because It depends on God. It does not matter how old a woman is before the right man comes or she decides to marry.

Anything can happen at any time.

You mean that there is no man around you now?

I am not lacking anything, and I will not rush into marriage because It Is something that demands patience and endurance. I will not tell you that I have not had friends, but marriage has to do with commitment and this is not an easy decision. Anytime God says it is right for me, I will let everybody know.

Talking about your G.O, how often do you go to Church?

I go to Church when I can get to Church. If I am working on Sundays I can't go to Church, when I am outside the state, I cannot get to Church. am not a Sunday-Sunday person, I don't believe that I have to be In Church every Sunday for me to be close to God and for God to answer my prayers.

I mean I have my answers and my miracles in my bedroom.

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