Behind the scene | 7 August 2005 09:58 CET

I can’t do without perfumes

Sultry actress, Uche Jombo is a young lady with a deep passion for perfumes. In a heart-to-heart chat with Saturday Sun, Uche reveals a few secrets. Intimate secrets. But the much we will be ready to give you for now is about her love ( or is it craze) for perfumes.

“I like perfumes a lot, I cannot do without using one. Sometimes I mix two or three perfumes and use them at the same time. I have a lot of them in my collection. I prefer the men and women (unisex) fragrances. I don't really like female perfumes. In fact, I have only one of it. I like Addict, Pleasure, Cool Water and many other designer perfumes. But Addict is my favorite”.

Give me Tu-Face any day
The Girls Hostel star is a great admirer of Tu Face Idibia. “I like Tu Face a lot. I like his latest album, African Queen. In fact, I can rap it from beginning to the end.

I dream of jeeps
Uche is dreaming of the day she would be the proud owner of a jeep. “I like jeeps a lot. Jeep is my dream car but I will say I like it because it is good for Nigerian roads”.

Favourite President
The voluptuous actress is a great admirer of former South African president Nelson Mandela. “My favourite president is Mandela. I like his philosophy of life. I think he is my greatest role model”.
As for professional role models, Uche says: “Two people I look up to are Joke Silva (Jacobs) and Liz Benson. I like Joke because she is charismatic and Liz because she has presence”.
She also has male colleagues she admires a great deal. “RMD is my man. I like his carriage, the way he applies himself to work and the way he carries himself and interprets his roles”.

The actress says she loves to look simple at all times. “I don't like to overdress, I am a casual girl. I like to wear jeans a lot”.

Black is my favourite colour any day, any time, I love black colours.

Uche does not like long and flamboyant hairstyles. She loves to carry her natural hair, which she loves to keep short at all times. “I like to keep my hair short. I don't like long hair or any hairstyle that will touch my neck. Short hair is my best style of hair-do”.

I like to drink tea. Also I like vegetables but not with eba.

I like simple and high slippers

I like simple gold because it is light.

Be the best you can be. It does not matter what anybody says or thinks. What matters is believe in yourself”.

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