Nollywood Media | 2 June 2011 10:18 CET


By maestromedia

One of the most Iconic models of all time-Naomi Campbell is very angry right now, and who with many would ask, its none other than chocolate giant Cadbury owned by Kraft Food,USA. And the reason for the bother, is none other than an advert, that the chocolate makers had hoped would be a run away success, which the supermodel found, ''Insulting & Hurtful'' & she feels has racists undertone.

The Advert payoff goes thus ''MOVE OVER NAOMI,THERE'S A NEW DIVA IN TOWN'' with the bar of chocolate in the midst of Diamonds. Naomi who for sometime now, has had a bit of negative attention over some diamonds given her sometime back, by the former president of Liberia, and also because of anger problems, was said to have been so angered for been described has a chocolate, her mother Valerie Morris is said to have been very upset too.

The top model is said to be considering all options, as she might sue the chocolate company. Kraft food, the parent company of the chocolate brand, are said to have removed immediately all billboards carrying the advert. Lets' wait for the next course of action by the 2 combatants.

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