Behind the scene | 9 March 2007 15:37 CET


ORGANIZERS of the oncoming African Movie Academy Awards, AMAA, have released the list of nominees and different categories.

In the Best Nigerian Film (Irrespective of language), movies such as Apesin, Amazing Grace, Sitanda and Abeni made up the list while Abeni, Mokili (Bourkina Faso), Amazing Grace and Sitanda are in the Best Cinematography categories.

Abeni again alongside other flicks like Irapada, Apesin and Iwalewa are in the Best Indigenous Film cadre.

Achievement in Costume nomination are Azima, Apesin, Amazing Grace and Bunny Chow (South Africa).

In the Best Documentary Feature, the movie entitled Covenant Church, Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon ( South Africa ), and Bitter Water Mara (South Africa) are jostling for the first place.

Snake Girl, Explosion, Apesin and Amazing Grace are in the Best Visual Effect category.

Best Performance by Child category features Teco Benson jnr. (Explosion), Samuel Olaseinde (Abeni) and Somadina Adinma (Speak the Word).

In what is may be a keen competition Abeni, Mokili (Bourkina Faso), Amazing Grace and Sitanda are again vying for the Best Edit award.

Best Original Sound Track category has Iwalewa, Sitanda and Bunny Chow (South Africa).

The Best Sound nomination goes to Abeni, Amazing Grace, Sitanda, Mokili (Bourkina Faso).

Original Screen Play; Sitanda, Maroko, Dancing Heart, Azima

Achievement in Make-up nomination goes to Maroko, Azima, Covenant Church, Amazing Grace.

The Best Upcoming Artiste nomination has Amzat Abdel Hakim (Abeni), Mbong Odungide (Amazing Grace), Ali Nuhu (Sitanda) and Moumouni Sanou (Mokili) Boukina Faso, in contention.

Best Actress in Supporting Role has Noelie Funmi Agbendegba (Abeni) Republic of Benin, Jackie Agyemani (The President's Daughter) (Beyonce) - Ghana, Ireti Doyle (Sitanda).

The competition seems to be stiff in the Best Actress in Lead Role as it has Chioma Chukwuka (Sins of the Flesh), Khabirat Kafidipe (Iwalewa), Nadia Buhari (The President's Daugher) (Beyonce) Ghana.

Best Actor in Supporting Role; Bruno Iwuoha (Sins of the Flesh), Obi Okoli (Explosion), Yinka Quadri (Apesin) and Fred Amata (Amazing Grace).

Perhaps one of the biggest awards, the Best Actor in Lead Role has Olu Jacobs (Dancing Heart), Ganiu Nofiu (Apesin), Kunle Abogunloko (Covenant Church ), Ayo Lijadu (Maroko).

The Best Director nomination goes to Izu Ojukwu (Sitanda), Muyiwa Ademola (Apesin), Jeta Amata (Amazing Grace) and Tunde Kelani (Abeni) while Best Picture nomination has Amazing Grace, Sitanda, Apesin and Abeni in contention.

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