Interviews | 28 January 2007 11:55 CET

I’m A Peculiar Singer —Aduke Penkele

Q: Why did you choose to bear Aduke Penkele Wonder as your stage name?
A: Actually, my real names are Aduke Morokola Ajayi, but the name Penkele was given to me by fans who believe I am a peculiar talent.

Q: How peculiar are you?
A: Apart from my talent per se, I am a different specie created by God.

Q: In what regards?
A: I am highly favoured in everything I undertake in life.

Q: You're fast making waves, especially in the gospel music genre. Who really discovered your talent?
A: Well, my talent was discovered in a church, The Acts of the Apostles Gospel Ministry, Ifako, Agege.

Q: How?
A: I discovered my talent when I found myself doing better than my peers in the church choir. I can recall that I used to watch the choirmaster's spectacular performances.

Q: Okay, why did you name your album Lamentations?
A: I am lamenting the plight of orphans. Lamentations simply means lamenting, sympathising with the orphans like me.

Q: When did you lose your parents?
A: When I was about a year and six-months old I lost my mother and later my dad.

Q: What led to their demise?
A: I can't really say...I mean, I don't know. May be somebody will tell me someday.

Q: How was growing up like?
A: I lived with my step-mother. She tried her best not to make me miss my mum.

Q: How are you now faring with your music career on the rise?
A: I have a scholarship from Honourable Onimole. It was my manager that took me to him and he has always been helping me. I pray to God to bless him so that he can continue with the help.

Q: Where are you now studying?
A: I am a 200 level student of History and International Relations (HIR), at the Lagos State University (LASU).

Q: Why did you decide to read the course?
A: That's one course I have always wanted to study since my secondary school days because it can help me secure a job anywhere, if I decide to quit music in future.

Q: Do you ever want to retire from music?
A: Not really.

Q: How old are you now?
A: I am 17. But I know some day, I may decide to retire from music if I have bigger investments.

Q: Do you have any special plan for old age?
A: Yes. I have a dream of doing my best in life before I die. I don't want to die prematurely like my parents, so I pray to God for long life and unending prosperity.

Q: Tell us, what kind of gospel do you play?
A: The classification of my own gospel music is not religiously biased. I just try to preach God's ways and how people can make heaven. I sing to change people's lives.

Q: Then, how do you compose your songs?
A: That's why I told you earlier that I am created for a peculiar purpose. I am a peculiar person. My inspiration comes from God.

Q: What happened to the agreement you once signed with the Lagos State government?
A: I don't think I'll like to talk about that. My manager is in the best position to talk about it.

Q: So, we can say you are now on Messiah Music label?
A: Yes.

Q: Apart from the album, what other things are you doing for now?
A: I am a student. Apart from this album, I have a lot of songs in my kitty. As a matter of fact, the songs on my current album were composed about four years ago. So, I have composed quite a number of songs in the last four years. I don't think I can lack songs any time I want to go for recordings.

Q: Why Lamentation?
A: I did Lamentation for the orphans. It is an anthem for them.

Q: Do you have other plans for orphans like you?
A: I pray that God makes me an important personality in future so that I can assist orphans. It is not easy being an orphan. I also hope to organise fund raising concerts for them, so the money can be donated to them. I will also like to discover talents among them.


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