Foreign | 26 June 2010 04:48 CET

Lady Gaga's family drama

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Despite maintaining close ties to her family, Lady Gaga, 24, is battling with her mom and dad over her little sister, Natali. The 18-year-old, who just graduated from high school, is eager to mimic her big sister and pursue a pop career. “Natali asked to come along on Gaga's tour as an apprentice, singing backup,” says an insider. But Gaga's parents, Joseph and Cynthia, are dead set against Natali giving up college for music. “They are worried that Natali will follow in Gaga's workaholic footsteps,” the insider says. In New York on a tour break in early June, Gaga and her parents had a very public argument over dinner at a restaurant. “Gaga walked out after a screaming match with her dad. Natali was in tears. Gaga is not speaking to her father, and friends are worried that with her main support system shaken, Gaga could wind up an emotional wreck.”

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