Nollywood Fashion Police | 30 May 2010 07:27 CET

Tacky & vulgar

By By ‘Justice’ Bolatito Adebayo,Prosecuting counsel: Dele Onatade, Photo arrangement : Ekiye Daniel


Tits on board

This is tacky and vulgar. You have just flouted Section234 of the cleavage constitution. With all authority vested in this court, you are hereby sentenced to Koma village for six months with an option of N800, 000 fine.


Girlfriend, this is totally unflattering and bizarre. Exposing your milk factory in public is very offensive. What on earth were you thinking? Pay a fine of N900, 000.


Madam, this is so bizarre! How come you have a slit as high as Eko Bridge and you still had the guts to create this illegal u-turn on the cleavage region? We were told that every Obi, Musa, and Ade had a field day. It is so obvious that we can easily cut out a bed sheet from the spill-over of your dress and you were so frugal at areas where covering was most needed. Pay one million naira fine

Borrowed robes
Big bros, how come you went to the store and you got the wrong size? Or was this on “loan”? We are so sure, if you take a dive into the sea, the smaller sea animals would take a run because your snake skin is well oversized. You have been fined N500, 000.

Ini, not again

As a top Nollywood actress, we think you should be a role model to our kids and not otherwise. Well, we are sick and tired of your breast parade and we want to inform you that no one has immunity in this court . You are hereby sentenced to the local milk factory Borno State where you would be mandated to help in milking cows, so that you can appreciate yours better. No appeal please!.

Too short

Are you sure this dress is actually meant for you? We don't understand why you should not dress your age. This is outrageous and we hereby call on your tailor to appear at the next hearing. But before then, because this is a bailabe crime, you are granted bail with two sureties and in the sum of N700, 000.

Too short
Borrowed robes

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