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Top 10 A List Movie Stars and Why?

By elisawwf007


1.Jim Iyke---Guy boy. Simply put Jim is the man! One the most versatile actor in Nollywood.

2. Ramsey Noah--- His natural talent and his astounding presence on the screen is simply second to none.

3.Kanayo O Kanayo-- I don't think he is sexy but the man can act! He is very diverse and agile. He can be so funny, elusive, mysterious, boyish, wise, psycho, happy, sad, grievous, etc. And I believe every moment of his characters.

4.Kalu Ikeagu--- An under-spoken, under-rated actor. He is so very good at what he does. I love to watch him, almost like you can see his character's thinking. He is very transparent and becomes the man he's pretending to be on screen.

5.Yemi Blaq--- 3 words, Bed Room Eyes. Perfect deliverer of lines and emotions. He makes mediocre movies watchable.

6.Ikem Owoh--- his comedic timing is great. I'm an avid film enthusiast and critic, and I haven't yet seen anyone equal bogey's great performances. In my opinion he's the greatest screen actor to date. A line from Mr. Osuofia “I am the only one who can impregnate a juju priestess and still live her a virgin”.

7.Sam Loco Ife---This guy is a super funny dude. It is amazing how well he does and such. I wonder how many times he cracks up when filming scenes for his movies.

8.Mona Ibikwe--He is pretty underrated. Never the first actor you think of, but he's been in so many great movies and has had many extremely amazing performances.

9.Tony Umez--some of you may disagree with this one, but he looks harmless and mediocre but when you see more movies you will notice that he is good.

10.Mike Ezuronye and Majid Michael---are the two most versatile and excellent young actors in the game right now. They continue to astonish me with the amount of range they can cover when doing different characters. The two things that I find most satisfying about the both of them is that they are both relatively young and their best work I probably in front of them.

Top 10 Actress coming soon.

List yours and give reasons

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