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I was invited on location of an upcoming Nollywood production where I was told I was going to meet Ini Edo. Since Ini is currently one of Nollywood's biggest stars I was terribly excited.

When I got on location, the director of the flick Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen took some time out to introduce me to the cast and crew. Though I had noticed Ini Edo in the dinning room of the house they were working in, I wasn't so sure she was the one. She sat there reading a magazine, Cosmopolitan. It wasn't until Lancelot Imasuen introduced us that I could conclude she was the one. Ini looked up as we were introduced, she smiled and waved and immediately continued to read her magazine. I watched as the crew shot a scene over and over again making sure they got things right, and soon, they took a break and I could finally go around and talk to everybody. I talked to the crew for a bit but it was really Ini Edo I wanted to talk to; not only is Ini one of Nollywood's biggest stars, she is also a subject of debauched gossip and endless rumors. When I had done a couple of interviews, I walked over to Ini and asked if I could do an interview. She obliged and followed me to the living room which had been used as the stage only moments ago. Ini sat down and was ready to go, I sat beside her nervous for reasons I can't understand. As I was about to start talking, someone came with her meal, Ini accepted only the soup and said she wasn't eating. I asked if she was watching her weight and she asked if that was part of the interview, because if it was then she wasn't going to answer it. I knew the obvious answer. She quickly apologized for eating while taking an interview and I said I didn't mind, (I really didn't). I started the interview, I wanted this to be the most exclusive Ini interview ever, I wanted to ask her the most daring questions, but then my head was blank, I couldn't think of what was daring without being offensive, or what was exclusive that others had not already asked her. So I started with the obvious –

How Long Have You Been Acting?
About Three To Four Years.
But I already knew this, I knew her first movie was Thick Madam, and she was nominated for the best actress category in last year's AMAA Awards. Anyway, I went on to my next question.
And How Many Movies have you been in?
Over 60.
So how has 2006 been so far?
Very promising. I'm having a lot of hope for the year, the year kicked off very successfully.
I went on to ask about the rumored ban imposed on her
I think I heard that rumor too, and I really don't understand what would prompt people to say such. Well it must be because the ban issue is still fresh so people believe once you have a misunderstanding with anybody, it would lead to a ban.
So you say the year has started successfully so far, What have you done this year?
Well between January and the last week of February, I've made 6 movies, and those that have been released so far this year are doing really well, I couldn't ask for more career wise.
So besides your career, what else is looking good about 2006?
My spirituality – it has been lifted a whole lot. I ended last year with God and I've started a new year with God.

I understand you are a student at the University Of Calabar?
Actually, I just graduated.
Oh, Ok, Congratulations. Do you intend to do NYSC?
I don't think so, but I cannot be sure yet, I still have some time to make my mind.
With so many scripts obviously pitched at you, how do you pick your movies?
I usually pick my movies based on the working relationship I have with the producer, this year I have decided to make the best of what I have, I'll go through scripts and if they are challenging enough, then I'll pick it.
Do you intend to do more than just acting?
With time, but right now its just acting for me.
Did You always want to act?
Now tell us a little about your personal life.
I have a nice relationship and that's all I can say.
What about the rumors about your relationship with the likes of emmm, Mike Eze- (Now this was a bad question because even before I was done, I was stuttering and Ini was looking at me with so much intensity a bullet could have just flown right out of her eyes).
They are baseless rumors, that's what they are!

That was where the interview pretty much ended, there was so much more I could have asked, I should have asked, but her tone when I asked about the Mike thing had made me so much more nervous I was shaking a little now. I offered to take a picture and she rose to her feet but as I got up, in my nervousness, my knee hit my camera and the camera went off and wouldn't come on again.

'I'm sorry', I said, 'emm, my camera has gone off, why don't I call you once it's on again.

'Sure' was her response and she walked away.

I fondled with the camera a little bit, eventually it came on. I returned to her and offered to take a picture. She made a pose but this spot was too dark so I asked that we returned to the living room where I had done the interview. She returned to the living room with me where I took some quick pictures, thanked her and continued to talk to other people.

Before I left the set, I watched Ini secretly and I noticed how well she got along with the crew and how she seemed to play and laugh with a lot of them. I was rather impressed, I was of the impression Ini would come on location, shoot and leave. Not this Ini. She was on location way before time for her scenes, was mostly friendly and never complained. I was rather impressed.

What Does Ini Do To Relax?
Read romantic novels, Watch movies and travel.

Ini's Best Stars
Liz Benson, Stella Damasus Aboderin

Ini's Favorite Holiday Spot
Capetown South Africa.

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